Are you looking for Pocket square in Dubai, the trending style of the era?

Your suit might be incomplete without a pocket square. A fabulous suit has to be accompanied by accessories like ties and pocket squares. You will find various shops dealing with ties in Dubai. Well, you may hunt for shops dealing with such accessories, or simply choose one from online stores. Get some notions clear about the pocket square in Dubai

Pocket square in Dubai - Royal Fashion Dubai

• Pocket square is an art, rather than a science:  There is no specific rule on how your pocket square should be matched. Complimenting your tie and shirt is the most important fact, rest all are immaterial. A red tie can go with a blue pocket square and so on.

• Minute things make the greatest difference: The pocket square is a minute thing but can make your entire look amazing. Don’t have a notion it has to complement your suit or the colour of your tie. As long as you are comfortable wearing it, walk down the lane without a second thought. Pocket squares could be solid, patterned, or even tipped.

• Know how to fold properly:  You may adopt the various styles to your pocket square. Fold the material half and make an overlapping square, flower, or triangular structure that will surely compliment your look and your style statement. Go through the various types of folds, and then you understand which suits you the most.

• You decide on the fold:  Well, what you are worried about is simply a pocket square, do not over think it, but it must take on well with your personality. Just spend 2-3 minutes in front of the mirror, folding your hankie and you will get the right fit.

Try and look for the most appropriate pocket square in Dubai that would complement your style statement. Apart from suits, there are various accessories like ties, jackets that will give an additional edge to your look. Look for appropriate ties in Dubai that would fit your shirts and other attires.


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