4 Accessories That Go Perfectly With Custom Made Suits In Dubai

Bespoke fashion has progressed a lot. Suits and shirts have gone through a lot of changes that are loved by the customers who belong to corporate circle. Many tailoring companies have started providing the best options for custom made suits in Dubai that will match their requirements. 

When it comes to bespoke suit Dubai, there are a few accessories that make it look complete. Here are some of the perfect accessories that you should consider for yourself – 

Neckties – A man’s suit is incomplete without a necktie. Doesn’t matter how stylish and elegant the suit is, if the necktie is missing then its charm will be lost. A stylish necktie with traditional designs like grids or stripes would match the suit perfectly. Colour of tie should not overshadow the design and colour of bespoke shirts in Dubai so it must be chosen carefully. 

Pocket squares – Custom made suits in Dubai in other words bespoke suit Dubai are incomplete to wear without a pocket square. It adds colour and personality without diverting attention. Make sure that you choose a pocket square that complements the style or colour of the tie. This way, your corporate persona finds a complete look that easily goes noticed. It is not necessary that pocket square and ties are matching but the colour or design should not contradict each other either.

Watch – An elegant and classy wrist-watch elevates your persona. You come forward as someone who is very important in the corporate circle. You should always avoid sports watch as it downgrades your persona. Today, there are multiple types of wrist watches in the market. You can go with digital watch or a traditional watch. You can also discuss with the designer in case you are confused about your selection. 

Tie bar – Tie bar maintains the crease between tie and shirt. It also appears as an elegant piece of accessory. Tie bars can be really vibrant or simple. In either way, the overall appearance with suit and shirt will come across as something marvellous. Tie bars go well with bespoke shirts in Dubai.


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